Jobsite safety is not only a priority to Accel Air, but also a highly recognized attribute to our customers and employees.  At Accel Air, we believe education is key in preventing accidents or injuries.  Accel Air provides new hire orientation and routine safety training; including tailgate meetings and jobsite inspections. Our Technicians receive OSHA training and have the required certifications, in order to keep up with our commitment to safety excellence.  All our vehicles and jobsites are required to carry Injury Illness and Prevention (IIPP) and SDS binders.   Our “proceed with caution” motto applies to every employee, not just our field personnel.   It reflects our core values in striving to create a work environment that is free of injury, unsafe work conditions and actions.

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Year after year, Accel strives for excellence in SAFETY.  Below you will see, we are serious about our efforts and making continued improvements every year!